BBC 2020 men's bib shorts

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Great all around bib short.

Classic construction.

Italian chamois pad for all-day comfort.

Solid gripper to stay in place on your legs or leg warmers.

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    2020 Bib Shorts

    Posted by Tom M on September 29, 2020

    I love these bibs more than any other I own. They do not address an issue that I have with all other bibs, however. I'm fortunate to be able to rotate my hips quite a lot. This invariably places the chamois either slightly behind my sit bones, or with the contact areas on the flat stitching, Often opting for a larger size (I'm 6'1" and chose medium) means that the trunk and legs are not sufficiently tight to keep the shorts in place. The medium size of these bibs have the straps a little too tight on my shoulders, not to the point of discomfort, but the edges of the straps roll instead of staying flat. Still my favorite and I find them more comfortable than any of my other bibs. :)