Core Rain Jacket (orange)

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Rain happens! But, with a good rain jacket, it shouldn't be a big deal. Maybe your legs get wet and your shoe covers eventually soak through after hours of getting sprayed by your front tire. But, at least your arms and torso can remain comfortable with a solid rain jacket.

This item should be a core part of your cycling clothing assortment. When it's going to rain for real, get a real rain jacket.

This jacket has waterproof breathable fabrics with some stretch to give you a forgiving fit, especially if your jersey pockets have a few extra items in them during the winter. Obviously, any breathable rain jacket will not be quite as breathable as a soft-shell or wind jacket, but it's going to dump as much water vapor from your sweat as it can, and will keep the rain out. If it's really cold out and your warm layers are not windproof enough, then this can work as a good final layer on top of your base, short-sleeve, and thermal long-sleeve on really cold days. Do yourself a favor and stay active throughout the year as much as you can! Your body and your brain will thank you!

This jacket has a comfortable fabric gripper around your wrist. This keeps things comfortably in place, but that last 2 inches is not waterproof. With proper rain gloves, this won't be a problem, but if you don't have gloves on, the softer feel of this fabric will be nicer than having the rain jacket material chaffing your wrists. Nobody has time for that!

The jacket has two zipper pockets on the front. Check out those photos!

Depending on the size of your jersey or vest pockets, this jacket can be packed into your center pocket. As always, put the heaviest pocket item in the center pocket so that your jersey won't get pulled to the side.

If it isn't going to rain like crazy, but you're just going to get dusted lightly once or twice, then check out our softshell jacket. It's a little lighter, packs up smaller, and is more breathable, but still cuts through the wind great, and will keep you dry during brief periods of light rain.

Nate is modeling the medium size in these photos. He could wear a small, and it would be comfortably race-fit. The medium is pretty comfy and relaxed for him at 187cm/6'2" and 75kg/165 lbs.