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Summer AIR men's jersey

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Inspired by the summer heat, this jersey feels like you're barely wearing anything, wicks moisture like mad, and feels butter smooth on your skin.

We wanted to have the lightest thing we could, for the hottest summer days, and something that could even help save a few grams on a steep hill-climb effort. And this is what we got! The peak of hot summer days with bright sun.

So, get ready for superlight, paper-thin fabrics. If you ride when it's less than 60d, then consider adding a base layer (which we also have). But, to be clear, when I look at this jersey, I imagine 100d weather on Mt Diablo, climbing up South Gate for the better part of an hour, dumping sweat, heart pounding, and enjoying every minute of it!


  • Our lightest fabric for highly breathable front and back panels
  • Mesh side panels for maximum breathability
  • 3D under-arm panel design for better fit and air flow
  • 120-125g for a small jersey (for reference, most are 140-165g)