Ultime Bib Shorts

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Ultime means "ultimate," and that's how we feel about this bib. Now in both a men's and women's specific fit, these bib shorts are nothing short of amazing. We love both the men's and women's chamois pad in these shorts. It's substantial enough to offer good padding, but it's flexible and forgiving so it doesn't get in the way of smooth pedaling action on the bike. We've been happy with it in our First Light bibs and have logged hundreds of miles in it. Now, it's coming to you in an all-black package made from premium lycra materials with a silicone printed gripper band. This bib stays in place but doesn't feel like anything is there keeping it in place; it's just glued there and feels like nothing.

This is an exciting addition to our line-up and will go well with any of our tops, or even if you have a great selection of jerseys already on hand but your old bibs are getting worn out, then you should definitely give these a try. We won't be surprised if these become your new favorite go-to bib for all-day epics, race rides, or easy spins on your lunch break. We've done it all in this bib and now we're confident bringing it to you for wherever your riding takes you.

Constructed to ensure a contoured fit, staying firmly in place as though it was just another layer of skin. The chamois is smooth, soft, breathable and stays stretchy and flexible enough to make sure you get comfortable, chafe-free stability for hours on the bike. As always, we have reflective highlights on the legs help make this bib visible even in low light conditions.

  • Silicone printed leg gripper to keep everything in place
  • Our smoothest, high-end chamois with enough stretch and breathability for long-lasting comfort
  • Highly durable, supple nylon/spandex fabric for an unmatched form fit
  • Reflective highlights on the legs for added visibility
  • Inseam length: 6" for women, 10" for men