Women's Berkeley Hills Road Race 2019

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Yes, I realize there are photos here of me in a men's jersey, but this awesome jersey is available in an identical model with a women's cut. It's real nice, and you'll love it. If you want one, I continue to offer all women's product at about 80% of the price of the men's equivalent. On average, women get paid 80% compared to men for the same work. I can't fix that, but if you like my stuff and want to buy it, then you can pay 80% of what the men do! I hope you appreciate my effort to do what I can to create a more equitable world in which hopefully everyone can be empowered to live a healthy life!

For this year's Berkeley Hills Road Race, we're really excited to provide the race with winners' jerseys (shown here), and to offer commemorative jerseys for the event. The BBC is partnering with Shimano and its other sponsors to help support the Berkeley High School NICA mountain bike team, and all of the net proceeds from these jerseys and any add-on donations will go towards supporting the high-school race team.

We're really excited to partner with the BBC in promoting the race and supporting the Berkeley NICA team. If you'd like a jersey and would like to help out the Berkeley High team, then please feel free to order a jersey, share with a friend, or even just make a donation. We've set up some donation "items" in our store where you can directly give your support.

  • Lightweight summer fabric for highly breathable front and back panels
  • Meshy, stretchy underarm panels for maximum breathability and comfort
  • 3D under-arm panel design for better fit and air flow
  • Moisture-resistant rear key pocket
  • Rear reflector